The Santa Man

"This is one of those songs that just comes together," says George Tintura. 

It began with a thoughtful review of all things Santa, including asking some very young children for their insights. George thought it might be fun to add a jazzy feel to a Christmas song, since so many of them are slow.

"Don't get me wrong," says George. "I love and have written many slow songs, including Christmas songs. I just think Christmas ought to be a happy time, just as much as it is a reverent one."

The jazzy inclination got George thinking about some raunchy, dark sounds from a big band. This led to thinking about some of Santa's quirks as a bit nefarious—if he were anybody but a saint.

"Once the words and rhythm fell into a groove, the rest just came together like Grandma's homemade toffee."

Everyone asks  about the band, and the squealing trumpet solos during the bridge. "That was a blast!" laughs George. He played nearly every instrument in the song, one track at a time in the studio. "Playing those squealing solos was actually my favorite part of recording this song."

The Santa Man...explore te dark side of this jolly old elf!

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