A Christmas Wish

Each Christmas, George displays his talent for integrating cultural, traditional sounds for the holiday season, with a dose of originality to add a fresh splash to your holiday playlist. In this case, he has masterfully blended street-corner Doo-Wop with a taste of funky Rhythm & Blues to create the smooth, warm feel of Christmas.

From George:

“This was the very first Christmas song I ever wrote. I am pleased that it has evolved to a point where it is ready for everyone's Christmas music library.”

'A Christmas Wish' calls to mind the great acapella sounds of the 1950’s, the golden age of Doo-Wop. George has added a funk to the rhythm that mimics something out of the 1970’s. The whole recipe comes together with a warm, contemporary feel that unmistakably belongs in the mix with all those wonderful Christmas carols we all love.

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