Wexford Carol

We'll tell you a tale of a medieval Celtic Carol...Tintura style!

Celtic music has made a big comeback the last few years, even though it hails back to the time of King Arthur so many centuries ago. During that time, the Celts had embraced Christianity, and began to add religious themes to their unique music. Out of that middle-age came this beautiful carol, called Carúl Loch Garman, from a county of Ireland called Wexford.

There is a touch of deep, historic culture in the thunder of an army of Celtic bodrhan drums. Traditional flutes, harmonies, and melodic embelishments also grace the sounds of George's unique arrangement. George also used some operatic skills to give power to the voice of the angel, as he speaks to the shepherds watching over their flocks by night.

George Tintura has applied traditional, deep, Celtic rhythms to this originally Celtic carol. Performed in a manner unique to George’s personal style, Wexford Carol fits well with any collection of Celtic Music, even as the message and feel magically enhance the Holiday season.


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