More Than Words Can Say

Have you ever been in love so deep that words just weren't enough?

From George:


"Early one spring, I was walking through a park overlooking a river in Europe. On that particular day, I was admiring the flowers and walking up some brick steps, when I noticed a particular piece of graffiti. I'm not an advocate of graffiti, but it caught my attention.

"It was a short love poem. I could tell it was from a woman who was deeply in love with a man...and he didn't even know about it! I recognized the feeling behind her words, so I wrote it down.

"Later, I was translating the lyrics into English when the perfect melody came to mind. The rest of the arrangement fell into place easily, as I felt this same deep love for my own wife.

"The truth is, true love is very hard to put into words. When the right words and music come together, and the rhythms start to echo the true feelings that beat within your heart, something magical happens, and—almost—the feeling can be fully expressed. 'More than Words Can Say" sounds like love feels."

Download and enjoy More Than Words Can Say. It might just be the closest you ever get to hearing—or conveying—how you really feel.




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